Topographical Surveys

From the three dimensional survey data we are able surveys provide an accurate record of the lye of the land, including all topographical features, changes in levels and visible services with invert levels when required. Position and sizes of trees are included from which we can calculate root protection zones and provide an accurate plan for use in tree condition reports.



Volume calculations can be made to establish cut & fill levels on sites and for stock piles to monitor the flow of materials in and out of say an aggregates yard.Often our land surveys form part of our measured building surveys to enable re-development of the land surrounding the building or for an extension to a dwelling.


  • About us

    With over 25 years experience in the property industry Mark Trewin formed Datumline Surveys with the sole intention of providing a very personal service to both professional and domestic customers alike. Specialising in individual properties and smaller sites Mark is able to work directly with his clients to provide a very efficient reliable service. These services include