Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural buildings, in particular stone and cob-built barns make up a high proportion of the survey work we carry out. Whether drawings are required for essential on-going repair work or for re-development we will supply an accurate record of what currently exists. The level of detailed required is tailored to the type of work being carried out and whether the building is listed. The drawing on the left is a section of a listed Millhouse in Cornwall with many of the original workings still present, although unfortunately not the water-wheel!









Example of a cob barn floorplan

 Our digital three-dimensional survey equipment allows us to capture the shapes of the the areas accurately.


barn-elevation-1Example of a stone barn elevation

This shows an elevation of a stone barn in North Devon. All data is captured digitally and recorded in CAD on-site so all hieghts, from the ridge to the window sills are correct and based on a site datum.



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