Our Projects

  • topo-1

    Tree Surveys

    Protecting our native trees is an essential consideration when planning any development from garden design and landscape architecture to property extensions and large scale development. Equally as important is the health of these trees and their poss...
  • land-devon

    Topographical Surveys

    From the three dimensional survey data we are able surveys provide an accurate record of the lye of the land, including all topographical features, changes in levels and visible services with invert levels when required. Position and sizes of trees ...
  • mill-section

    Agricultural Buildings

    Agricultural buildings, in particular stone and cob-built barns make up a high proportion of the survey work we carry out. Whether drawings are required for essential on-going repair work or for re-development we will supply an accurate record of wha...
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    Listed & Historic Buildings

                  By using the latest in mobile CAD software and digital survey technology Datumline surveys are able to measure and record an incredible amount of detail on building elevations. Depending on our brief ...
  • lr1

    Land Registry Compliant Plans

    We are proud to be recommended by a number of solicitors, estate agents and land agents for our conveyancing work. We will provide a fast and efficient service and supply fully compliant land registry plans. All  surveys are carried out digitally an...
  • About us

    With over 25 years experience in the property industry Mark Trewin formed Datumline Surveys with the sole intention of providing a very personal service to both professional and domestic customers alike. Specialising in individual properties and smaller sites Mark is able to work directly with his clients to provide a very efficient reliable service. These services include